Welcome to Camplong d’Aude

…in the Corbières, Cathar country

La Place

Camplong d’Aude lies at the heart of the Corbières wine region: visit this wonderful village and meet some of its 300 inhabitants.

Hidden away from the main roads, the houses of this authentic Corbières village encircle the ruins of its castle. The nearby village square is refreshed by a delightful fountain shaded by white mulberry trees.

To the west is the Montagne d’Alaric, named after the Visigoth warrior king. Its sunny slopes hide a mysterious treasure, or so it is said…

Going further back in time, geological forces have left their mark below the Rocher de l’Aigle (Eagle Rock). Waves of blue and grey decorate the cliffs. The area is a delight for walkers.


Aude, Cathar country

To the south you will see the Rec des Mattes, a small stream, and to the east the River Orbieu, placid in summer but – as the high bridges show – unpredictable in winter.

A few minutes’ drive and you are in Lagrasse, one of the “most beautiful villages of France”, boating on the Canal du Midi World Heritage site, strolling around the medieval city of Carcassonne (also a World Heritage site), or indeed swimming in the Mediterranean.

Why come to Camplong? Many reasons. Some fall in love with the old stones. Others find friends here. Some come for the food and wine: fruity Mediterranean wine, intensely aromatic, with a hint of spice. But Corbières isn’t only a wine; it is also a culture created by the men and women who have lived here over the millennia.

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  1. Ann MacKinnon says:

    This is a beautiful village and well worth a visit.

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Camplong d'Aude : village à vivre