Summer festival

Plaquette estivales 2011

Programme of Summer Events in Camplong d’Aude

Programme of summer events 2011 [Acrobat 7Mo]

With the return of the summer, the amphitheatre in the château, the village square, the village hall and the events ground will once again be the scene of encounters and reunions. Meetings between spectators and artists in magical surroundings, taking us on an emotional voyage through song, theatre, and music.


9 August 2011 : Goulamas'k

During the summer festival, the artists who perform in the village with such talent and sensibility will offer the possibility of cultural enrichment to people who would never otherwise seek it out.
In Camplong human relationships have always been part of our culture and we believe that the presence of artists of all kinds can open a new window on reality.


9 August 2011 : Nadau returns to Camplong for the fourth time

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